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This Issue...Highlighting Educational Opportunities to Help You Develop Successful Direct Seed Intensive Cropping Systems

These are challenging but exciting times. Prices are low for many of the traditional dryland crops in the Inland Northwest. Growers are continually searching for ways to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency in order to compete in the global markets with declining U.S commodity price supports. There is also an urgent need to identify alternative crops and crop rotations that can provide increased economic diversity and spread the marketing risk. Increasing grower and public concern about cropland soil loss by water and wind erosion and a greater awareness about the detrimental impacts of intensive tillage on soil quality and productivity provide strong incentives to identify profitable production systems that can solve these problems.

No-till direct seeding and other minimum tillage systems offer the potential for growers to reduce production costs, control erosion, enhance soil productivity. The use of more diverse crop rotations and alternative crops is critical for effective control of weeds, diseases and insects in these tillage systems, and can also offers the opportunity to spread risks and capture higher profits in fluxuating commodity markets.... assuming the price for some crops will be up when others are down. We are entering a new era of crop production across America and around the world with tremendous growth in direct seeding systems and more diverse crop rotations in the last few years.

This Update issue offers several opportunities to explore new cropping options and management technologies for direct seed systems. These include:

  • January 1999 PNW Northwest Direct Seed Intensive Croppping Conference... start making plans to attend
  • 26 Field Days and Tours in 1998 on Direct Seeding and Alternative Crops and Rotations....a great chance to see new technologies first-hand... contact the County Extension and Conservation District Offices and Ag service industries in your region for other local tours and meetings.
  • Listing of Current and Pending PNW Research on Direct Seed Intensive Cropping Systems....keep up to date on new research efforts in the region....stay involved and be on the cutting edge.

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