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Tribute to Roger Veseth (reprinted from Farming with the Wind II)

Roger Veseth, extension agronomist and soil scientist, died on September 9, 2003 in Moscow, Idaho, as the result of a severe accident last March that incapacitated him from the neck down. He is survived by his wife Claire and their four children at Moscow, Idaho. Roger was one of our very active and supportive team members in the conservation research and extension programs of the region and will be sorely missed.

Roger served as Extension Specialist for Conservation Tillage in a dual appointment with the University of Idaho and Washington State University since 1987, with emphasis to disseminate results from the STEEP research program. In addition, Roger readily assumed the extension leadership for the Columbia Plateau PM 10 Project (CP3), research program in 1992. His extension activities accelerated the development, transfer, and awareness of new farming and conservation practices for the reduction of both water erosion and, more recently, wind erosion and dust emissions.

Roger worked closely and in unison with a wide range of producers, scientists, extension agents, conservationists, and agriculture service industry representatives to integrate new technologies from research and grower innovations for improved management strategies to protect soil and water resources and maintain farm profitability. He made information readily available through well-organized conferences, workshops, field days, tours, and on-farm testing programs. He was a particularly talented and prolific writer, who produced extensive documentation by publications and computer access, award-winning brochures, and information packages. These many contributions advanced conservation science and practice on farmlands throughout the Pacific Northwest, US and Worldwide to provide a legacy of conservation knowledge and foundation that will serve as guidance for many years.


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