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New No-Till Magazine From the Great Plains
-- Free Premier Issue on the Internet --

Below is a description of a new magazine you might want to explore called... Leading Edge - The Journal of No-Till Agriculture. It is from a new group that calls themselves "No-Till on the Plains," a public-private organization (described in the magazine).

While most of the information presented in this issue is from Kansas and the Great Plains area, some the principles might be adapted / explored in other regions. They have utilized Dr. Dwayne Beck. Research Agronomist and Manager of the Dakota Lakes (No-Till) Research Farm at Pierre, extensively in their programs and the magazine. Keep in mind that the Great Plains and Canadian Prairie Provinces are summer rainfall (~70%) regions, versus winter rainfall (~70%) in much of the PNW, When you are exploring new cropping systems technologies from those regions, it is important to remember that the difference in precipitation distribution can have significant effects on the performance of specific crops, crop rotations and a wide variety of production management options.

The first-premiere issue of the Leading Edge is available free on their Website. You can review this 24-page magazine and decide if it might be worth a subscription of $25 for 4 issues. It is easy to view and print it from the Website (www.notill.org), just click on the "Leading Edge" icon in the lower left hand corner of the opening page. You will need Acrobat Reader software to view the PDF file, and it can be downloaded free through a link next to the icon.

The following information on the Leading Edge magazine was provided by Matt Hagny, Leading Edge Editor.

"Leading Edge was launched by No-Till on the Plains, Inc. this past December to fill a need for quality reporting of no-till concepts and practices developing on the U.S. Plains. We have several purposes in mind, but in particular are aiming at another venue to get solid no-till information to farmers; something more frequent and enduring than conferences and meetings, and where thoughts and discussions can be laid out in a more organized fashion. We hope it encourages a few more to join the ranks of no-tillers, and to further develop the methods of those already doing no-till. It should also serve as a ledger of where we've been in our journey to create farming systems that are demonstratably better both economically and environmentally."

"We strive to have 2 Feature Farmer articles in each issue, along with some technical or thought-provoking articles. Budget permitting, we plan to continue the format and quality of information found in issue #1. There certainly isn't any lack of topics, and the
publication really has the possibility of becoming better every year, as more farmers and researchers convert to no-till -- more people asking questions, gathering ideas, testing them, and finding new questions to ask."

"First edition is available as a PDF file from No-Till on the Plains' Web site (www.notill.org)."

Matt Hagny, Editor -- Leading Edge
No-Till on the Plains Inc.
P.O. Box 236
McPherson, KS 67470-0236
Phone: 888-330-5142
e-mail: (editor.leading.edge@notill.org)
Web site: (www.notill.org)


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