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Jan. 4-6 - Northwest Direct Seed Cropping Systems Conference and Trade Show, Pendleton Convention Center and Red Lion Inn, Pendleton, OR. Organized by Pacific Northwest STEEP III conservation farming research and education program and co-sponsored by Monsanto and other Ag industries in cooperation with PNW grower organizations and other Ag support organizations and agencies. Contact the Conference office at 509-547-5538, Fax 5563, e-mail (direct seed conference <maurer@owt.com>), or visit the Conference Web site (http://pnwsteep.wsu.edu/conf2k).

Jan 12-15 - Eighth Annual National No-Tillage Conference, Des Moines, Iowa. Sponsored by No-Till Farmer. Call 800-645-8455 or 414-782-4480, Fax 414-782-1252, or e-mail (info@lesspub.com).

Jan. 31- Feb. 2 - Manitoba - North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association's 22nd Annual Workshop, Minot, ND. Contact the Association at 204-727-5355, fax 5245, e-mail (mandak99@mb.sympatico.ca), or Web site (www.mandakzerotill.org).

Feb. 2-4 - Alberta Conservation Tillage Society's 22nd Annual Meeting and Sustainable Crop Production Management Workshop -- FarmTech 2000 at Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta. The conference and trade show is co-hosted by Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission and the Alberta Reduced Tillage Initiative. Contact the Society at 403-572-3600, e-mail (acts@telusplanet.net), or Web site (www.farmtechconference.com).

Feb. 9-10 - Direct Seeding Conference and Trade Show on "Sustainable Farming in the New Millennium" at Regina Saskatchewan, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association. Contact the Association at (306) 695-4233, e-mail (ssca@sk.sympatico.ca) or Web site (http://ssca.usask.ca).

May 31 - Hyslop Farm Field Day - Oregon State University, Corvallis - highlighting alternate crops and seed crops such as grass seed, legumes. Contact Russ Karow, 541-737-5857, e-mail (Russell.S.Karow@orst.edu).

June 7 - Ralston Project Field Day - Direct Seed Annual Spring Cropping in the Northwest Crop-Fallow Region - south of Ritzville, WA. Sponsored by USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Washington State University and Oregon State University. Contact Roger Veseth, 208-885-6386, e-mail (rveseth@uidaho.edu).

June 13 - Field Day at Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center at Pendleton, OR. Contact Richard Smiley at 541-278-4186 e-mail (Richard.Smiley@orst.edu).

June 14 - Field Day at Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center at Moro, OR. Contact Richard Smiley at 541-278-4186, e-mail (Richard.Smiley@orst.edu).

June 15 - Field Day at WSU Lind Dryland Research Station, Lind, WA. Contact Bill Schillinger at 509-659-0355, e-mail: (schillw@wsu.edu).

June 29 - Joint Field Day for the WSU Spillman Agronomy Farm(morning) and USDA-ARS/WSU Palouse Conservation Field Station (afternoon), Pullman, WA. Contact Steve Dofing at 509-335-5831, e-mail (dofing@wsu.edu) or Roger Veseth at 208-885-6386, e-mail (rveseth@uidaho.edu).


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