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New Publication on Fall Pests of Winter Wheat

Seeding winter wheat earlier in the fall to increase vegetative growth for soil cover overwinter can significantly reduce soil erosion potential. However, several insect and disease problems in winter wheat can be more severe with earlier seeding dates. Because of the complexity of the insect and disease problems, and interactions with other cultural practices and environmental factors, it is often difficult for Northwest producers to make effective choices in winter wheat planting decisions. A new publication is now available to help growers develop a better understanding of how to manage three common insect and viral disease problems of winter wheat in the region.

The University of Idaho Cooperative Extension System recently published bulletin EXT 780 "Fall Pest Problems of Winter Wheat." It covers Russian wheat aphid, barley yellow dwarf and wheat streak mosaic. In each pest problem, the 8-page publication addresses the biology of the insect pest or insect vector of diseases, symptoms and spread of the viral diseases, prevention, detection and control practices. Color photos are included to aid in identification of insects and disease symptoms.

The bulletin is available for $1.50 from Idaho county extension offices or can be ordered from the Publications Office at at the UI Agricultural Communications Center (208-885-7982).


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