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Pacific Northwest

Resource Inventory
Erosion in the Palouse: Summary of the Palouse River Basin Study, 1979 (pdf)
Palouse Cooperative River Basin Study (pdf)

Research / Extension
WSU Crop and Soil Sciences Dept. (css.wsu.edu)
WSU Extension Cereal Variety Testing (variety.wsu.edu)
WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (csanr.wsu.edu)
WSU Grow Serve (pnw-ag.wsu.edu)
WSU Center for Precision Agricultural Systems (www.cpas.prosser.wsu.edu)

OSU Crop and Soil Sciences Dept. (www.css.orst.edu)
OSU Cereals Extension (www.css.orst.edu/cereals)
OSU Umatilla Co. Extension Cereal Central (www.orst.edu/extension/umatilla/cereals)
UI Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Dept. (www.ag.uidaho.edu/pses)
UI Extension Cereals Program (www.uidaho.edu/cereals)
UI Aberdeen Cereals Site (www.uidaho.edu/aberdeen/cereals)
UI SW Idaho Extension Cereals Program (agweb.ag.uidaho.edu/SWIdaho)
Columbia Plateau Wind Erosion / Air Quality Project (www.pnw-winderosion.wsu.edu).
USDA-ARS Land Management & Water Conservation Research Unit, Pullman, WA (www.wsu.edu:8080/~lmwc/)
USDA-ARS Columbia Plateau Conservation Research Center, Pendleton, OR (pwa.ars.usda.gov/pendleton/cpcrc)
Washington Wheat Commission (www.wawheat.com)

Grower Organizations
Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association (www.directseed.org)
Idaho Grain Producers Association (www.idahograin.org)
Oregon Wheat Growers League (www.owgl.org)
Washington Association of Wheat Growers (www.wawg.org)
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council (www.pea-lentil.com)
Idaho Association of Soil Concervation Districts (www.iascd.state.id.us)
Oregon Association of Conservation Districts (www.oard.org)
Washington Association of Conservation Districts (www.wacd.org)

Agricultural Support Industries / Organizations
Far West Agribusiness Association (www.fwaa.org)
Colfax Grange Supply (www.colfaxgrange.com)
The McGregor Company (www.mcgregor.com)
AGPRO (www.agproinc.com)
Spray Center Electronics Inc. (www.spraycenter.com)

Agricultural Support Agencies
Idaho USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (www.id.nrcs.usda.gov)
Oregon USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (www.or.nrcs.usda.gov)
Washington USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (www.wa.nrcs.usda.gov)
Tri-State NRCS Team (www.tristate.wsu.edu)


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