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On Farm Testing key1994

Pacific Northwest On-Farm Test Results From the Idaho, Oregon and Washington STEEP II On-Farm Testing Projects


Table of Contents

Citation: Ron McClellan, B.C. Miller, R.J. Veseth, S.O. Guy, D.J. Wysocki and R.S. Karow. 1995. 1995 Pacific Northwest On-Farm Test Results. Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Technical Report 96-1, Washington State University, Pullman WA.

ResidueCover: Harvest at Kevin Scholz and Roger Veseth's on-farm test demonstrated a substantial increase in yield when less intensive, residue conserving tillage was used on the well drained portions of the field.

Acknowledgement: The patience and expertise of Marguerite Winterowd in typing this bulletin is greatly appreciated.

1994 Pacific Northwest On-Farm Test Results
From the Idaho, Oregon, and Washington STEEP II On-Farm Testing Projects

Stewart Wuest

STEEP II On-Farm Testing Coordinator
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

 STEEP II On-Farm Testing Project
Principal Investigators

Baird Miller - Extension Agronomist, Washington State University
Roger Veseth - Extension Conservation Tillage Specialist, Washington State University and University of Idaho
Stephen Guy - Extension Crop Management Specialist, University of Idaho
Don Wysocki - Extension Soil Scientist, Oregon State University
Russ Karow - Extension Agronomist, Oregon State University

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