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Northwest Direct Seed Cropping Systems Conference

January 5-7, 1999, Spokane, WA


The Next Best Thing to Being There....Videotapes of the seven Conference Focus Sessions will be available for purchase or loan (ID, OR and WA only) beginning January 22, 1999. They are produced by Darrell Kilgore, Extension Video Specialist in the Information Department of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, Washington State University, Pullman. The following is a listing of the order numbers of each videotape, approximate tape length and Conference section included.

FOCUS SESSION 1: International and National Experiences with Direct Seed Cropping Systems
Video DS9-1
(135 min.)

The Development and Future of Direct Seed Cropping Systems in Argentina -- Explaining Some Economic, Agronomic, Environmental, Social and Sustainability Benefits That Support the Process - Roberto A. Peiretti, Agricultural Engineer/Agronomist, Private Adviser, Farmer, and on the Steering Committee of AAPRESID (Argentinian Producers Direct Seed Association), and CAAPAS (Latin American Farmers Association for Sustainable Agricultural Systems), Cordoba, Argentina

No-Till Experience in East-Central Alberta, Canada - Ken Eshpeter, Daysland, Alberta, Canada

Rotations in No-Till Dryland Farming - Grower Experience in South Central Dakota - Rick Bieber, Trail City, South Dakota

FOCUS SESSION 2: Agronomics and Economics of Alternate Crops and Rotations for Direct Seeding

Video DS9-2a (110 min.)

Considerations and Strategies for Selecting Crops and Rotations for Direct Seed Systems - David Huggins, ARS Research Agronomist, Pullman, WA

Extended Rotations and Annual Cropping in Traditional Crop-Fallow Regions of Southeast Washington - Pat McConnell, Branch Manager, The McGregor Co., Waitsburg, WA , and Dan McKinley, General Manager, Broughton Land Co., Dayton, WA

Direct Seed Crop Rotations for Intermediate Rainfall Zones - Monsanto Center of Excellence - Sheldon Blank, Monsanto Research Agronomist, Kennewick, WA


Video DS9-2b (105 min.)

Alternative Crop Production: Addressing the Agronomic and Economics in the Pacific Northwest - Chad Shelton, Division Agronomist, Western Farm Service, Spokane, WA

Evaluation of Teff, Lupins, Sorghum and other New Potential Dryland Crops in Northeastern Oregon - William Payne, Agronomist, OSU, Pendleton, OR

Rotations, Risks, Costs and Markets: The Ingredients of Sustainability - With Reference to Long Term Research Plots near Pendleton, Oregon - Clinton Reeder, Consulting Economist and Grower, Pendleton, OR


Video DS9-2c (60 min.)

Tillage and Fertilizer Timing in Annual Spring Cropping - Don Wysocki, OSU Extension Soil Scientist, Columbia Basin Agric. Research Center, Pendleton, OR

Production and Marketing Strategies for Alternate Crops - Dan McKay, Grower and Manager, McKay Seed Co., Almira, WA

FOCUS SESSION 3: Managing to Optimize Soil Quality Benefits from Direct Seed Cropping Systems

Video DS9-3 (75 min.)

The Benefits of Direct Seeding for Soil Ecology - Jill Clapperton, Rhizosphere Ecologist, Lethbridge Research Center, AB, Canada

Documenting Soil Quality Changes in the Transition to No-Till: 17 Years No-Till Versus First Year No-Till and Conventional Tillage Near Pendleton, Oregon - Stewart Wuest, Paul Rasmussen, Clyde Douglas, Ron Rickman, USDA-ARS Soil Scientists; Stephan Albrecht, ARS Soil Microbiologist; Dale Wilkins, ARS Agricultural Engineer; and Richard Smiley, OSU Plant Pathologist, Pendleton, OR

FOCUS SESSION 4: Northwest Grower Experiences with Cropping Systems and Equipment for Direct Seeding

Video DS9-4a (95 min.)

Experiences with Direct Seeding and Annual Cropping in a Low Rainfall Zone - Bill Jepsen, Heppner, OR

Experiences with Direct Seed Equipment and Systems in the Intermediate and Higher Rainfall Zones - Marty Weber, Uniontown, WA

Experiences with Direct Seed Equipment and Systems in the Intermediate and Higher Rainfall Zones - Pat Barker and Steve Shoun, Dayton, WA


Video DS9-4b (105 min.)

Transition Experiences with Direct Seeding Systems in the Intermediate Rainfall Zone - Steve and Daniel Moore, Dusty, WA

Grower Experiences with Direct Seeding in the Higher Rainfall Zone - Cory and Danny Brown, Orofino, ID

Experiences with Direct Seed Equipment and Systems in the Low Rainfall Zone - David Brewer, The Dalles, OR

No-Till Seeding with a 455 John Deere Drill in the Higher Rainfall Zone - Kevin Wagner, Farmington, WA

FOCUS SESSION 5: Making Sense of the Row Spacing Debate

Video DS9-5 (60 min.)

Wider Row Spacing: Is it Really Possible with No-Till -- The Canadian Prairie Experience - Guy Lafond, Research Agronomist, Indian Head Research Farm, Indian Head, SK, Canada

Row Spacings Effects on Direct Seeded Spring Wheat and Barley in the Low Rainfall Region - Tim Fiez, WSU Soil Fertility Specialist, Pullman, WA, and Bill Schillinger, WSU Dryland Research Agronomist, Ritzville, WA

FOCUS SESSION 6: Direct Seed Grain Legume -- Management Systems for Expanding Northwest Production Opportunities

Video DS9-6 (120 min.)

Conservation Tillage and Pulse Crop Production -- Western Canada Experiences - Adrian Johnston, Research Agronomist, Melfort Research Farm, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Melfort, SK, Canada; and Perry Miller, Cropping Systems Agronomist, Montana State University, Bozeman; and Brian McConkey, Research Agronomist, Semi-Arid Prairie Agric. Res. Ctr., Swift Current, SK, Canada.

Grower Direct Seed Pea Trials in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho - Roger Veseth, WSU/UI Extension Conservation Tillage Specialist, Moscow, ID; Duncan Cox, UI/WSU Project Support Scientist, Moscow; Stephen Guy, UI Crop Management Specialist, Moscow; Donn Thill, UI Weed Scientist, Moscow; John Hammel, UI Soil Scientist, Moscow; Tim Fiez, WSU Soil Fertility Specialist, Pullman; and Joe Yenish, WSU Weed Scientist, Pullman

Do Direct Seeded Peas Benefit from Starter Fertilizer Applications? - Tim Fiez, WSU Soil Fertility Specialist, Pullman, WA

Weed Control Options and Strategies for Direct Seed Pulse Crops - Joe Yenish, WSU Extension Weed Scientist, Pullman, WA; Donn Thill, UI Weed Scientist, Moscow, ID; and Dan Ball, OSU Weed Scientist, Pendleton, OR

FOCUS SESSION 7: Economics and Strategies for the Transition to Direct Seed Cropping Systems

Video DS9-7 (165 min.)

Considerations for Transitioning to Diverse Cropping and Direct Seed Systems -- Grower Perspective - Chris Laney, Grower, Sprague, WA

Management Changes and Reducing Inputs with Direct Seeding - Skip Mead, Grower, Dayton, WA

Buy, Lease, Custom Hire or Joint Venture -- Grower Insights into Equipment Options for Direct Seeding - Dick Wittman, Grower and Financial Consultant, Lapwai, ID

Cost and Profitability Results of Farmers Using Direct Seed Systems in the Pacific Northwest - Doug Young, WSU Agricultural Economist, and Oumou Camara, WSU Graduate Research Assistant, Pullman

Negotiating New Lease Arrangement with the Transition to Direct Seed Intensive Cropping Systems - Clark Seavert, OSU Extension Agricultural Economist, the Dalles, OR


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