1998 Northwest Direct Seed Intensive
Cropping Conference

January 7-8, 1998

DoubleTree Hotel, Pasco, Washington


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Organized as a Service to Northwest Growers by:

Pacific Northwest STEEP III Conservation Farming Research and Education Program at:

University of Idaho

Oregon State University

Washington State University

USDA-Agricultural Research Service


The STEEP III (Solutions To Environmental and Economic Problems) program is supported by special grants through the USDA-Cooperative States Research, Extension and Education Service beginning in 1996. The original STEEP program began in 1975.




Monsanto Cenex/Land-O-Lakes
The McGregor Co. Bourgault Industries
Nu Chem Ltd. Flexi-Coil
Conserva Pak Seeding Systems John Deere Co.
Wilbur-Ellis Co. Case IH/Concord
Great Plains Krause Corp.
Western Farm Service Palouse Zero Till MV Drill


Co-sponsor financial support helped cover expenses for travel of international, out-of-state, and Northwest grower speakers, complimentary speaker registrations, and expanding publicity efforts.



Washington Association of Wheat Growers

Oregon Association of Wheat Growers

Idaho Grain Producers Association

USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council

Pacific Northwest Oilseeds Association

USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Idaho Association of Soil Conservation District

Oregon Association of Conservation Districts

Washington Association of Conservation Districts

Columbia Plateau Wind Erosion/Air Quality Project

WSU SARE No-Till Project


Cooperative efforts with these grower organizations and Ag projects helped inform Northwest growers and Ag support personnel about this Conference.


Conference Acknowledgements


Conference Coordinator and Proceedings Editor

Roger Veseth, WSU/UI Extension Conservation Tillage Specialist


Conference Program Advisors

Donn Thill, UI Weed Scientist and Co-Coordinator of the STEEP III Tech. Coord. Comm.

Dwane Miller, WSU Agronomist, and Co-Coordinator of the STEEP III Tech. Coord. Comm.

John Hammel, UI Soil Scientist

Robert Papendick, Retired USDA-ARS Soil Scientist

Dale Wilkins, USDA-ARS Ag Engineer

Tim Fiez, WSU Soil Fertility Specialist

Don Wysocki, OSU Soil Scientist

R. James Cook, USDA-ARS Plant Pathologist

David Bezdicek, WSU Soil Microbiologist

David Huggins, USDA-ARS Agronomist

Joe Dahmen, Monsanto Representative

Kevin Zander, Monsanto Representative

Dennis Roe, NRCS Palouse Team Resource Conservationist

Tony Ingersoll, NRCS Palouse Team Agronomist


Conference Registration, Local Arrangements, Brochures, Publicity Assistance

The Maurer Company, Pasco, WA


Conference Videotape Production

Darrell Kilgore, WSU Extension Video Specialist

Drexel Rhoades, WSU Extension Lead Video Specialist



Additional Proceedings Copies

Additional copies of this Proceedings are available for $10 (payable to Northwest Direct Seed Conference) from: Northwest Direct Seed Conference, P.O. Box 2002, Pasco, WA 99302, phone 509-547-5538, FAX 547-5563, e-mail (maurer@owt.com).


Proceedings on the World Wide Web

The Proceedings will be added to the WWW home page titled ASTEEP Conservation Farming Systems Technology Source (http://pnwsteep.wsu.edu). For more information, contact Roger Veseth (208-885-6386), e-mail (rveseth@uidaho.edu).


Conference Videotapes

Information on purchase or loans of videotapes of the Conference is available by calling Marguerite Winterowd (509-335-2915) or Roger Veseth (208-885-6386), e-mail (rveseth@uidaho.edu)


Proceedings Table of Contents

FOCUS SESSION: International and National Trends and Experience with Direct Seeding to Improve Profitability, Global Competitiveness and Resource Protection


Worldwide Trends in No-Till Farming - Competing with the Competition - John Habblethwaite, Executive Director, and Dan Towery, Natural Resources Specialist, Conservation Technology Information Center, West Lafayette, IN.

Direct Seeding Systems in Australia - Allen Postlethwaite, Grower, St. Arnuad, Victoria, Australia

Direct Seeding Systems in Alberta, Canada - Spencer Hilton, Grower and President of Alberta Conservation Tillage Association, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Diverse No-Till Crop Rotations in the Northern Great Plains - Dwayne Beck, Research Agronomist, Dakota Lakes Research Farm, Pierre, SD

Strategies for Direct Seeding in Cereal-Based Rotations - R. James Cook, Research Plant Pathologist and Research Leader, USDA-ARS Root Disease and Biological Control Research Unit, Pullman, WA

FOCUS SESSION: Alternate Crops for Direct Seeding Systems in the Dryland Inland Northwest

Alternate Crops for Direct Seeding in the Dryland Inland Northwest - Stephen Guy, UI Crop Management Specialist, Moscow, ID; and Russ Karow, OSU Extension Agronomist, Corvallis, OR

Corn as an Alternate Crop for Direct Seeding

1) Corn as an Alternate Crop for Eastern Washington - Brian Lewis, Field Agronomist, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., Walla Walla, WA

2) Evaluation through Crop Models - Tim Fiez, Soil Fertility Specialist; Javier Marcos, Graduate Student; Gaylon Campbell, Soil Scientist; Claudio Stockle, Biological Systems Engineer; WSU, Pullman, WA

Yellow Mustard and Canola for Direct Seeding Systems - Jack Brown, UI Plant Breeder, Moscow, ID

Winter Legumes for Direct Seeding Systems - Fred Muehlbauer, USDA-ARS Legume Breeder, WSU, Pullman, WA

FOCUS SESSIONS: Advances in Direct Seed Intensive Cropping Systems in the Inland Northwest (in low/intermediate and higher precipitation zones)

SESSION 1: Direct Seeding and Annual Cropping in Low and Intermediate Rainfall Zones

Integrated Crop Management Research on Annual Spring Cereals Under Direct Seeding - Frank Young, USDA-ARS Research Agronomist; Kim Kidwell, WSU Spring Wheat Breeder and Geneticist; Bill Pan, WSU Soil Scientist, Pullman, WA, and Curtis Hennings, Grower, Ritzville, WA

Alternative Crop Rotations Using Direct Seeding in the Low Rainfall Dryland Areas - Bill Schillinger, WSU Dryland Research Agronomist, WSU Dryland Research Station, Lind, WA

Annual Cropping and Direct Seeding Research in Northeast Oregon - Don Wysocki, OSU Extension Soil Scientist, Pendelton, OR

Grower Experiences with Direct Seeding and Annual Cropping in the Low and Intermediate Rainfall Zones-

Karl Kupers, Harrington, WA

John Aeschliman, Colfax, WA

Dale Galbreath, Ritzville, WA

Tim Rust, Echo, OR


SESSION 2: Direct Seeding in Annual Cropping Regions

Grower Experience with Direct Seeding Systems in Annual Cropping Regions

Russ Zenner, Genesee, ID

Nathan and Steve Riggers, Nezperce, ID

David Carlton, Dayton, WA

Roger Miller, Colfax, WA


Residue Production and Retention in Small Grain Cereal and Legume Rotational Systems with Different Tillage Systems - Stephen Guy, UI Crop Management Specialist; John Hammel, UI Soil Scientist; Roger Veseth, WSU/UI Conservation Tillage Specialist; Donn Thill, UI Weed Scientist, Moscow, ID; Tim Fiez, WSU Soil Fertility Specialist; Joe Yenish, WSU Weed Specialist, Pullman, WA 95

Chemical Renovation of Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Fields with Direct Seeded Lentils - Glen Murray, UI Plant Physiologist, Donn Thill, UI Weed Scientist, Moscow, ID


FOCUS SESSION: New Industry Developments in Direct Seeding Equipment

Industry representatives provided updates on new equipment developments and capabilities in four areas: 1) Fertilizer placement; 2) Residue clearance; 3) Seed placement; 4) Hillside tracking. Instead of Proceedings papers for this Focus Session, company brochures on the direct seeding equipment were included in a special Conference packet. Scheduled list of participating direct seeding implement companies included: The McGregor Co., Bourgault Industries, Flexi-Coil, Conserva Pak Seeding Systems, John Deere Co., Case IH/Concord, Great Plains, Krause Corp., Palouse Zero Till MV Drill, Agpro, Harmon Industries, and United Farm Tools.


FOCUS SESSION: Direct Seeding Impacts on Soil Quality and Production Potential

Documenting the Loss of Soil Organic Carbon with Tillage and the Benefits of No-Till - Donald Reicosky, Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS, Morris, MN

Effects of Long Term Direct Seeding on Soil Properties on Northwest Farms - David Bezdicek, WSU Soil Microbiologist, Pullman, WA; John Hammel, UI Soil Scientist, Moscow, ID; Mary Fauci, WSU Research Technician, Pullman; Dennis Roe, USDA-NRCS Resource Conservationist, Pullman; and John Mathison, UI Research Technician, Moscow, ID

Research on Soil Quality with Different Tillage Systems in Northeast Oregon - Steve Albrecht, Soil Microbiologist; Clyde Douglas, Soil Scientist; Ron Rickman, Soil Scientist; and Paul Rasmussen, Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS, Pendleton, OR


FOCUS SESSION: Grower Drill Modification/Fabrication for Direct Seeding Under Northwest Conditions

Dwane Blankenship, Pullman, WA -- fabricated drill

Jack Ensley, Colfax, WA -- fabricated air seeder

Jim Bly, Broughton Land Co., Dayton, WA -- modified John Deere 750

Steve Willson, Colfax, WA -- modified John Deere 455

Mike Thomas, Prescott, WA -- fabricated drill

Don Zimmerman, Almira, WA -- fabricated drill


Conference Notes