2000 Northwest Direct Seed Cropping
Systems Conference and Trade Show

The 3rd Northwest Direct Seed Cropping Systems Conference and Trade Show is scheduled for January 4-6, 2000 at the Pendleton Convention Center in Pendleton, OR. The Conference program will begin at 1:00 p.m. Tuesday January 4 and adjourn at noon Thursday January 6. Four half-day Focus Sessions tentatively include: 1) Residue Management; 2) Economics; 3) Pest Management; and 4) Drills and Equipment. Speakers tentatively include growers, researchers, and industry representatives from across the Northwest, U.S., Canada, Australia, and South America.

As with the past two Conferences, the 2000 Conference is being organized as a service to Northwest growers through the Pacific Northwest STEEP III conservation farming research and educational program. It will be co-sponsored by Ag support companies in cooperation with PNW grower organizations, conservation district associations and other Ag support groups and agencies.

Conference Internet Home Page -- This direct Conference Internet home page (http://pnwsteep.wsu.edu/conf2k) will continually be updated with all the information about the Conference program, Trade Show, registration, motels, proceedings, and so on.

Phone / Mail / Fax / E-mail Information Sources -- To receive a copy of the Conference brochure, Sponsorship / Trade Show prospectus or other Conference information when it is available, call the NW Direct Seed Conference office at 509-547-5538, FAX 547-5563, E-mail (maurer@owt.com). You can also contact Don Wysocki, Conference Chair and OSU Extension Soil Scientist, at 541-278-4396, FAX 278-4188; e-mail (Donald.Wysocki@orst.edu).