Digital-Quality Videotapes

Northwest Direct Seed Cropping Systems Conference

January 4-6, 2000, Pendleton, OR

The Next Best Thing to Being There....Videotapes of the four Conference Focus Sessions will be available for purchase or loan (ID, OR and WA only) beginning January 24, 2000. They are produced by Darrell Kilgore, Extension Video Specialist in the Information Department of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, Washington State University, Pullman. The following is a listing of the order numbers of each videotape, approximate tape length and Conference section included. An order form is attached.

FOCUS SESSION 1: Residue Management

Video 1-DS0-A (135 min.)

Sequestering Soil Carbon - John Bennett, Grower, and Director and Vice President, Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association, Canada.
Managing Heavy Residue - Dr. Dave Huggins, USDA-ARS, Pullman, Washington
Managing Crop Residues for Direct Seeding - Kevin Melville, Grower, Joseph, OR
Experiences with Direct Seeding and Crop Residues - Berk Davis, Grower, Adams, OR

Video 1-DS0-B (75 min.)

Residue Retention and Water Storage in Low Rainfall Systems - Dr. Bill Schillinger, Agronomist, Washington State University, Ritzville, WA
The Effect of Including Brassicas in Direct Seed Cropping Systems - Dr. Jack Brown, Oilseed Breeder, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
Sequestering Carbon in the Soil - Drs. Ron Rickman and Clyde Douglas, Soil Scientists, USDA-ARS, Pendleton, Oregon

FOCUS SESSION 2: Economics

Video 2-DS0-A (80 min.)

Global Economics of Direct Seeding - Bill Crabtree, Scientific Officer, Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association, Muresk, Northam, Western Australia
Risk Management in Direct Seeding - Does Federal Crop Insurance Work? - Dick Wittman, Grower and Economic Advisor, Culdesac, ID
Economics of Direct Seeded Crop Rotations - Dan Moore, Grower, LaCrosse, WA

Video 2-DS0-B (110 min.)

The Clean Water Act and Dryland Agriculture - Dr. Chuck Findley, Deputy Regional Administrator, US-EPA Region 10, Seattle, WA
Economic Case Studies of Direct Seed Farmers - Dr. Douglas Young, Agricultural Economist, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Direct Seeding Experiences in Klickitat County, WA - Steve Matsen, Grower, Bickleton, WA
Transitioning to Direct Seeding - Eric Thorn and Bob Hutchen, Growers, Dayton, WA

FOCUS SESSION 3: Pest Management

Video 3-DS0-A (90 min.)

Managing to Avoid Herbicide Resistance in Direct Seed Systems - Dr. Carol Mallory Smith, Weeds Scientist, Crop and Soil Science Department, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Managing Biotechnology - Carl Casale, Monsanto Corporation, St. Louis, Missouri

Video 3-DS0-B (90 min.)

Downy Brome Management in Direct Seed Systems - Dr. Dan Ball, Weed Scientist, Oregon State University, Pendleton, Oregon
Managing Cereal Root Diseases in Direct Seed Systems - Dr. R. James Cook, Cropping Systems Agronomist, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Breeding Wheat for Pest Resistance in Direct Seeding Systems - - Dr. Kim Kidwell, Wheat Breeder, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Reaction Panel of Growers and Presenters

FOCUS SESSION 4: Direct Seed Machinery and Equipment

Video 4-DS0-A (105 min.)

No-till/Strip-till, Mulch-till, Direct Seeding, Two-Pass - What's the Difference? - David Schertz, National Agronomist, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Washington DC
Overview of Seed Placement and Equipment Strategies - Dr. Dale Wilkins, Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, Pendleton OR
Direct Seed Drills and Openers in Saskatchewan - Ken Sapsford, Regional Conservationist, Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association, Saskatoon, SK

Video 4-DS0-B (105 min.)

Fertilizer Placement in Direct Seed System - Dr. Tim Fiez, Extension Soil Fertility Specialist, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Experiences with Direct Seed Drills - Doug Fisher, Grower, Kimberly, ID
A Grower Built Direct Seed Drill - Terry Kaseberg, Grower, Wasco, OR
Managing and Distributing Residue for Direct Seeding - Dr. Mark Siemens, Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, Pendleton, OR

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